What’s in a Name?

Unforgettable Goods provides high quality branded merchandise and marketing services in a concierge style setting.

When it came to choosing the perfect name for our company, we decided to question: Why do our clients order from us? Why do they give away branded items? What’s the purpose of their purchase? And then it hit us! Our clients are ordering branded goods for all different reasons and whatever the final product was, they all had the same basic need. They want to stand out from the crowd. They want to be remembered. They want their end user to look at the product months down the road and not forget who gave it to them. They want to be…Unforgettable! That’s it! Our company name just HAD to be Unforgettable Goods. And the elephant, you ask? Well, he never forgets!

Our mission is to lend advice and direction for choosing and purchasing branded marketing merchandise that will not only generate an elevated awareness of our client’s brand, but also create an Unforgettable experience for both our clients and their end users.

Unforgettable Goods is devoted to greatness and strives to present you with creative, innovative and inspired branding solutions.  What sets us apart from the competition is our standards of excellence, commitment to our clientele, passion for the industry and our constant drive to “be better, learn more and do more.”

We offer a unique, personalized, concierge experience to every client. Products are hand chosen and custom tailored for them based on their specifications and we work tirelessly to provide a purchase like none other. Our team of experts spend countless hours researching industry trends, attending trade shows, and continuing industry related education courses so that we can offer the most current and desired products available.

We dedicate ourselves to building a connection and relationship with everyone we work with. We value the trust our client’s place in us to care for their brand identity, and work tirelessly as their vendor as we see ourselves as an extension of their marketing team.

Whether you are a small business just starting up, hosting or planning an event and need to order favors or represent a large corporation and need a vendor to supply you with all of your branded merchandise needs, Unforgettable Goods is capable and available to handle it all.