Company Stores

Company stores are a place where employees and customers can buy items branded with your logo to show support for your company. Stores can also be used as a way to gift or reward employees for things such as milestones, goal achievement, or outfitting new employees with company swag.

Is a Company Store right for me?

We create stores for our clients for a variety of reasons, for example:

Brand Recognition: Having your brand online offers the opportunity for more people to have access to products with your logo on it. If you are already giving away branded merchandise at conferences or trade shows, online stores are a great way to extend your reach beyond the trade show floor.

Additional revenue: Typically minimal, company stores are not meant for steady profit or income. They are considered an additional means to market and advertise your brand.

Product Access: Stress-free process for everyone. We provide a simple, easy to use platform for end users to make their selections. This is a great choice for organizations such as schools and sports teams.

Emotional Connection: The products on your site have the potential to become someone’s “most favorite” item, thus establishing the connection between their favorite hoodie or coffee mug and your brand.

Where do we start?

Now that you have decided to create a store, the fun can begin. We will work with you to choose all the items for your site. Then, we will build your store, branded just for you. We will give you helpful tools to advertise and spread the word. We will meet on a regular basis to discuss your products, sales, and make decisions like adding or removing items based on season, trends, sales, etc.

What does a company store look like?

Click the link below to be taken to our demo store. This is just one example of how a store can be set up and run for you.